We are one of the best (well if not THE BEST) quality and traditional cocktail bar you will ever find in Nicosia Town!

Our journey began six years ago, on the 17th July 2013, when we had a wish to create a totally different space from everything experienced so far. By doing so, we became part of the revival of the old city of Nicosia.

Our vision was to create a space that would take our people on a delicious journey to Latin America alongside with specialized cocktails and tapas from well-known chef Thanos Stasinos from the Nikkei Peruvian Resto Bar in Athens. Every single element in our place was created and decorated with passion and attention to detail. If you have visited us before, you know what we are talking about… and if you have not, you better do!
Our aim for the future is to create a lifestyle brand that will continue to get bigger, better and sexier! in providing the best entertainment experience for Patio lovers.
Experience the unexplored!